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Ukraine, “Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow”!

Aday_org We call you to participate in a unique photo project “Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow”. Take a picture of what surrounds you on May 15, 2012 and become a part of world history! Participate in this global event and show the whole world how you see it! 

On May 15, we ask you to pick up your camera and help us photograph daily life. What is close to you? What matters to you? We will collect your images to images from all around the world, creating a unique online experience where photographs will be shared, compared and explored. Your view on life will be preserved to inspire generations to come. 

Everyone can partake! On May 15 professionals, amateurs, school children, social media fans, astronauts, office workers, grandmas, grandpas and you can make a shot and share it with the whole world. 

All images will be saved for future generations at the National Archive of Sweden, Library of Congress, Google Culture Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The best images will be selected for a book, A Day In the World, to be published in November 2012, others shown in digital exhibitions.

Join if you love photography. Join if you have something to say. Because your life matters. Join if you like the thought of saving a little something of yourself for generations to come. Join, because your take on daily life is part of a much bigger picture. Show the whole world a day from the life of Ukraine. Share your emotions and your vision. Tell about yourself and your country and become a part of the book “A Day In the World”!

This project is initiated by the Swedish non-profit foundation Expressions of Humankind and supported by a highly respected global advisory council and a special scientific council. Ericsson is a founding partner. In Ukraine the project is supported by Igor Gaidai (Gaidai Studio) and AIESEC.

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News added at  2012-05-14

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